Who We Are

We are a network of rank and file workers interested in building self-activity and solidarity across the health sector and beyond. We formed in January 2016.

Our definition of health worker includes paid, unpaid, unemployed and voluntary work, students and those who have navigated services for their own health. We believe in self organisation and self determination. We know our work best, know what is needed, and what action we need to take. Through our network we seek to cooperate and organise to assist and extend solidarity for all workers.

We collectively write articles on a range of topics in an attempt to agitate for rank and file workers to push for change from below. We are anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian and seek to critique oppressive systems through a health lens.

Our work has involved organising solidarity pickets and collections for workers taking industrial direct action. We have assisted protests as street medics, participated in community outreach and assisted in direct action to prevent the eviction of state housing tenants. Our campaigns, 18 in 18 and Safe Staffing Saves Lives, aimed to create a demand around a realistic and achievable goals for all health workers to strive for.