How We Work

We started as a core group of workers motivated to build a network and frustrated that while many unions exist in the health sector, they often lack solidarity and may compete for resources and industrial strength. Many other workers are non-unionised. We want to see all workers link up to organise together and support each other.

We are active online via our facebook page and have a facebook group to support and get to know members in the network, raise ideas for actions and discuss issues. We hold regular video chats and aim to meet face to face whenever possible.

We operate with a high level of trust and work collaboratively through google docs to write articles, critiques and opinion pieces.

Our organising framework is inspired by a Concentric Circles approach.

As a way of building the network and accommodating varying degrees of involvement, we operate by having an outer layer of supporters through to an inner core group of dedicated members.

Movement can occur in and out of the layers as circumstances permit. The conditions attached to the inner layer are a commitment to our kaupapa, active input into furthering our aims and principles, and the agreement of existing core members.

Requirements for Membership

Agreement with our Aims and Principles and how we operate

Participate in paid, unpaid or voluntary health work (including students and retired health workers), experience significant health service use and be committed to radical grassroots organising for health

Be committed to group decision making

Respect the mana of group members. Racism, sexism, classism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of discrimination are not tolerated

Members will not have conflicts of interest or participate in activities that stifle self-activity and self-determination

What is said in the group, stays in the group. No sharing information without permission of the person posting it