Is this what kindness looks like?

There is a widening gap between the rich and poor in New Zealand. Income inequality is getting worse and is going to become entrenched for generations. A quarter of kiwi kids live in miserable poverty. Many New Zealanders cant afford to see a dentist. In winter they must choose between heating their homes or buying food. Families are paying exhorbitany rents for substandard housing, if they can even find accommodation.

The richest New Zealanders are paying 12% tax on their income. They are making free money in property speculation, which the government refuses to tax or regulate. Wage subsidies have been blatantly stolen by large corporations with no consequences.

Is this what kindness looks like? Or is “kindness” increasingly a rhetorical tool used to stifle opposition to our centrist governments lack of vision and political will?

Meanwhile, here is a list of the things a capital gains tax could have paid for if the government had a spine:

A wish list for all that capital gains tax revenue, which doesn’t exist

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