Call for Submissions – Zine Issue 2

Finding Space in 2020

This year has thrown a lot at us… it’s important to take time to reflect on what has been happening and its impact on us as workers, individuals, and society as a whole. So that’s why our second issue of ‘Dirt from the Floor’ is dedicated to providing a space for reflection, discussion and expression of the challenges 2020 has brought.

Something some of our members have noticed while working in this new era of Covid-19 is the emergence and visibility of new spaces. We decided to explore further this concept of ‘space’ in our zine. Here are some starting points and ideas to get you thinking about space in this new social landscape of 2020.

  • Physical and social distancing – the new normal!
  • Gaps in the health system and social services, made especially visible during Level 4 lockdown
  • Space/divisions between management and workers on the floor, evidenced by a lack of communication and absence of proper leadership during the pandemic
  • The emergence of the frontline/essential worker space, and the contradictions of this e.g. how these workers were celebrated by the general public as ‘heroes’ but provided with little to no actual support or resources from employers to feel safe and valued at work
  • The space created by unemployment and redundancies due to the Covid recession
  • Head space… our mental and emotional wellbeing and how this has been affected by the events of this year
  • Any other ideas or reflections you might have…

Authors and artists are encouraged to interpret the theme using their own experience as a creative starting point. We have provided some ideas and inspiration to get you started, but if you have an idea not directly related to our theme we are happy to consider it, please send it through!

Submissions can be in the following forms: art, poetry, prose, personal accounts, comics, memes (another idea? Get in touch!)

All content included in our zine must align with our kaupapa, aims and principles. Detailed information on this can be found on our website

As the zine will be printed and distributed, please make your submission fit on an A4 portrait page and in black and white if possible. If your submission has colour or needs a double page spread, that’s fine too, please contact us with this information so we can work it into the layout.

Your piece can be attributed to you or it can be anonymous. Please send a short bio with your submission if you wish, or inform us if you would like to remain anonymous.

Please send to:, or message us on Facebook, or contact Annabel directly on, 0273803343 if you have any questions.

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