Solidarity with Bulgarian Nurses! Solidarity with Maya!

The Health Sector Workers’ Network of Aotearoa/New Zealand sends a message of support and solidarity to the health sector workers of Bulgaria. We are disgusted at the way in which your comrade Maya has been summarily sacked for the “crime” of fighting for the interests of her fellow nurses.

We are also disappointed to hear of the lackluster efforts of the BAHP union (Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals) to stand up for the interests of nurses like Maya. We too have experienced the effects of an incompetent union leadership which fails to defend the needs of its membership. This is why the Health Sector Workers’ Network believes a movement of the rank and file workers, based on solidarity and self-organisation, is the only force capable of turning back years of attacks on our pay and conditions by the bosses.

We stand for a united movement of all those currently labouring in the health sector, to turn our sorry situation around and ensure a health system that provides quality healthcare for all while respecting the rights of those providing that care.

Victory to the nurses! Justice for Maya!

From New Zealand to Bulgaria — One struggle

In solidarity,

Health Sector Workers Network

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